Practical guide to solve all kinds of situations.

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Never run out of ideas on how to light any people photography situation that comes your way Outside the Studio again with the digital book “60 People Lighting Schemes Outside the Studio” by Guti.

If you are like me and you love photographing people outside the studio, this book is the digital book you have been waiting for. In this digital book I have condensed my favorite lighting schemes, the same ones that I have used successfully in my best commercial photography campaigns and that always leave my demanding clients totally satisfied.

Following the great success of our best-selling book of all time “60 Lighting Schemes for People in the Studio” we developed this book thinking of you who want to learn how to light the situation where we spend most of our time: OUTSIDE THE STUDIO!

Whether you shoot indoors or outdoors, in natural light or with bounce screens, in natural light or also with flash, with 1 flash or even multiple flashes……In this PDF book I have condensed my lighting schemes so that you can illuminate with professional quality yourself.


Take a look inside the book (just a few Pages)

Learn the magic that can be achieved with only Natural Light

Enhance your photos of people

This is the most complete guide and with my favorite lighting schemes (the same schemes that my clients love and which have brought me endless projects

If you think that to achieve great results you need a lot of equipment, then I have the good news that you are wrong.

In this digital book you will learn the magic that can be achieved with only Natural Light (you will be amazed at what can be done with only available light when used correctly),

Then we will see how to illuminate with bounce screens (the most economical solution to light without a flash), but we will also see how to light taking advantage of camera flashes (if small and affordable flashes) either outdoors or indoors (Imagine all the possibilities that this book will open up to you).

This PDF is the best reference that you can take with you to illuminate people outside the studio regardless of the number of lights you have or the natural light conditions you have available and you will also learn to narrate your personal vision since we have covered many styles of lighting.

Additionally, this book is the best practical guide you can find, since you can try to carry out each of the montages as you practice and we are sure that even if you do not manage to do them all, everything you will learn will change your life as a photographer.

Get started today and take better people pictures.

What inside the book?

A little bit about the book

Make your photos look more dynamic. Take better photos in less time by not wasting time on poses that don't work. Learn how to create hundreds of pose variations so your photos don't look repeated. Learn how to steer step by step so you don't miss any details. Learn by doing with all the examples that you can put them into practice.

120-page PDF version

so you can always take it with you everywhere and you can also print it if you want. (This is the most complete book in Spanish on the subject)

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2 downloadable PDF

2 downloadable PDFs - 100 DPI versión to carry with you, and a 300DPI version if you want to print your own in high resolution.

+60 location lighting schemes

60 lighting schemes outside the studio so you can master the most important part of photography... Lighting.

Learn to light much faster

Learn by doing with this practical guide. (Improve your skills by practicing). Learn what my formula is to illuminate each situation with the least amount of equipment.

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Now in English after our great success with Spanish speaking students

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Never be left with the question of how to light again, with these 60 schemes you will find how to light any situation.

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Guti has more than 10 years of experience as a teacher of photography and digital retouching, he has been a professor at the prestigious Monica Herrera School of Communication, an Adobe Certified Expert for Photoshop CC, a brand ambassador for Sony Alpha Latin America, a member of various international photographers associations and has held seminars and workshops in several Latin American countries.









Practical guide to solve all kinds of situations.