60+ Studio Lighting Schemes

Practical guide to solve all kinds of lighting situations.

Learn my 60 favorite lighting schemes

In my 15-year professional career I have learned and developed all this 60 Lighting Scheme. In this PDF book I’ve condensed my favorite lighting setups either with just 1 light (you’ll be amazed how much you can do with just one light when you use it the right way), then we’ll look at 19+ 2-light setups (Imagine all the possibilities this book will open up for you.)


  • Book in PDF version so that you can always take it with you and you can also print it if you wish.
  • 60 lighting schemes so you can master the most important part of photography… lighting.
  • Never be left with the doubt of how to illuminate, with these 60 schemes you will find how to illuminate any situation.
  • Learn which are the best light modifiers for each situation.
  • Learn to light much faster. (only replicates the proven formulas).
  • Learn by doing with this practical guide. (Improve your skills by practicing.)

With this book you will learn:

  • 10 Scheme light photography with one light.
  • 19 Scheme light photography with two light.
  • 21 Scheme light photography with three light.
  • 6 Scheme light photography with four light.
  • 5 Scheme light photography with five light.

Beauty 1 Light

Learn to do the "Beauty 1 Light" with this modifier: SMALL OCTODOME


Learn to do the "Beauty 1 Light" with this modifier: SMALL OCTODOME


Learn to use this modifier: RING FLASH


Learn to use this modifier: BEAUTY WITH UNDERFILL


Learn to use this modifier: SPOT WITH GRID


Learn to use this modifier: LARGE LIGHT BOX

You will also learn to master schemes that use more than 3 lights, each of these schemes include camera parameters.

Never again run out of ideas on how to solve any situation that comes your way in the studio with the PDF book "60 Lighting Schemes for People in the Studio".

In this E book I have included my favorite setups for 3, 4, 5 and even 6 lights. But the most important thing is that once you look at the book and put it into practice, it will improve your understanding of lighting and you will be able to create your own lighting setups.

This PDF is the best reference you can take with you to light people in studio no matter how many lights you have, and whatever story you want to tell as we have covered so many lighting styles.

Additionally, this book is the best practical guide you can find, since you can try to carry out each of the montages as you practice and we are sure that even if you do not manage to do all of them, everything you will learn will change your life as a photographer.

At the end of the book we have included several additional setups with some of my favorite lighting formulas (if the same ones that I use and that my clients love).

What Our Clients Say!

"The book is my bible, I consider it very complete and the examples are very good"
Juan Orellana
New York
"Guti has the ability and facility to explain in a few words and in a simple way different aspects and themes of photography- the book has excellent quality, layout, real and virtual examples, lighting position of two views, number of lighting schemes Super recommended."
Lucy Fisherman
I really like the books they are putting out, I am an amateur but with a lot of love for photography. They have a lot of quality, professionalism and I am going to buy them one by one. congratulations Guti
Bill Fredd
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The book with which you will never run out of the perfect pose again. This book is dedicated to all the photographers (like me) who more than once have been left with a blank mind and frustrated by running out of ideas to direct our models (who often expect the photographer to be an expert in the subject of poses).
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