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e-Book 611 Best Poses for Men

Have you ever run out of ideas on how to pose your models during a photo shoot? Bored of using the same old poses?

With the book “Best poses for Men” this will never happen to you again since we have selected the best 611 poses for every situation!

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More than 72,967 satisfied students in Spanish

The 611 best poses for Man

With this book you will learn all this:

 How to direct poses in different positions such as standing, sitting, lying down, in profile, against the wall …

 How to direct poses for different situations like executive, casual, cool, elegant and more …

   How to direct poses for different costumes such as jeans, dress, suit, sports and more …

   How to direct poses to emphasize face, legs, hands, feet, back, hair…

   How to lead poses with different attitudes like serious, shy, aggressive, thoughtful, relaxed and more…

   How to direct poses with different props such as cell phones, pen, glasses, sports equipment and more…

   How to avoid the most common mistakes that can ruin your photographs.

Why i Wrote this Book

In my experience as a photographer there is nothing more frustrating than running out of posing ideas for your clients during a photoshoot.

You can be a master of studio lighting, photography, composition, etc…..but the reality is that your clients also expect that their photographer is also an expert in guiding and directing them on how to pose.

Although you can find online many books on poses (believe me I bought more than 30), most of them will actually teach you very little.

Most of them just repeat the same poses and don’t even take time to explain what makes a pose successful or unsuccessful (and with bad photography it doesn’t really inspire you).

That’s why I decided to study deeply the science of poses and after 3 years of dedication I wrote the book “Professional Direction of Poses for Photography” which quickly became a success in Spanish it thoroughly explained since for the first time the “Why” of what makes a pose work or fail through his system of 20 rules by Guti.

Finally and since my students wanted more, we decided to make 12 digital books (you can buy them individually or the complete collection) where we provide practical examples of the best poses you can find so that you can use them in your day to day work and achieve happier clients through better photographs.

It was not easy work, this complete collection took our team 4 years of hard work, but the result turned out so good that I even use these books daily in my own photography sessions, either for inspiration or to teach my clients the poses I want them to do visually.

I hope you enjoy and finally become a master of direction poses yourself.


Included with your purchase:

611+ different woman poses in 77 different categories (so you never run out of posing ideas)

Unlimited lifetime access and free upgrades (so always get the most up to date version with no extra cost)

Instant access and download (so you can start right now studying and directing better poses)

(2 downloadable PDFs) one 100 DPI versión to carry with you, and 300DPI version if you want to print your own hi res copy

Hundreds Of Tips And Practical Examples

Examples of the 20 posing laws by Guti

Examples on what to avoid

  30 day money back warranty

Learn to identify and correct the most frequent mistakes for flawless poses.

Make your photos look more dynamic. Take better photos in less time by not wasting time on poses that don’t work. Learn how to create hundreds of pose variations so your photos don’t look repeated. Learn how to steer step by step so you don’t miss any details. Learn by doing with all the examples so that you can put them into practice.

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Hernan Garcia

“I have many of Guti’s books, they have helped me and facilitated my work, I definitely recommend them if you are a professional or an amateur.”

M. Angel Ledesma
Graphics Designer

The Best Online Photograpy School.

I have the photoshop course and direction of poses, these two courses are very good, all topics very well explained, I´m satisfied with what is learned in Estudio Guti.”

Pipo Mayoral
Student & Photographer Jr

“The best photography course today

I am a novice photographer, however, through Guti’s courses I have found work and some consider me the same as the professionals in my area, without a doubt the best investment in my training”

Diego Alejandro Arévalo Palaci
Diego Alejandro Arévalo Palaci
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The best photography courses are at ESTUDIO GUTI Definitely the "ESTUDIO GUTI" courses are the best I have bought. My level as a photographer is much better now after having done his course on "Professional Direction of Poses for Photography", his books of poses for women, book of poses for men, book of poses for pregnant women, book of poses for boudoir, etc. I totally recommend the "ESTUDIO GUTI" courses
Fernando Silva Mariscal
Fernando Silva Mariscal
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The way of explaining the courses are spectacular that they inspire are very good,The pose books helped me to have more security at the time of the photo sessions
Alejandro Arteaga
Alejandro Arteaga
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Very good courses, they give you what you expect to learn and more 🙂


Guti, Sony Alpha Partner, he has a long professional career of more than 15 years in commercial photography. During his career he has worked with renowned brands such as Coca Cola, Pizza Hut, Ax, Maxim, KFC, Wendys, Ron Botrán, among others, as well as celebrities, prestigious magazines and top-level advertising agencies in Latin America.

Guti has more than 10 years of experience as a teacher of photography and digital retouching, he has been a professor at the prestigious Monica Herrera School of Communication, he is an Adobe Certified Expert for Photoshop CC , he has been a brand ambassador for Sony Alpha Latin America , he is a member of various international photographers associations and has held seminars and workshops in several Latin American countries.

The 625 Best Poses for Women

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