Directing Poses from A to Z

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This is not an ordinary online course about poses

Have you ever had doubts about how to direct the poses of your models or clients?

Have you stopped to think how much you have mastered the art of directing poses?

If so, don't worry; about 97% of photographers feel they don't master the art of posing (and many of the other 3% could really do better). Although it hurts to accept it, the poses and the expression are one of the most important elements in the success of a photograph of people: you can have the best light, the best retouching, and the best intention, but if the subject does not have a good pose and good expressions, it will not you have succeeded.

About this course

Learn with Guti in this course that will change your life and the way you see the world of posing, with practical examples that you can apply today.

Imagine how different your life (and your photography) would be if you were confident in posing direction, could identify mistakes and find solutions, and knew how to make your clients look better.

Happier clients, better results, better income, and your satisfaction from taking photos of people would be much higher.

How would you feel if, this very day, you could direct your models with much greater fluidity? Most photographers will stay doing things the same way as always (and with the same results), but if you are open-minded, you have to know that there is always a better way to do things.



A photographer who masters posing will not only get better photos than the rest but also have more satisfied clients and higher income.

How to pose Hand

This is one of the essential elements of knowing how to pose because it can quickly ruin your photos if you don't know how to direct them.

The secret to avoiding closed eyes

How many photos have we discarded because our model's eyes were closed. In this course, you will learn how to avoid this mistake.

Laying and feet posing

Could you find out which poses work and which to avoid? We use our pose books to help you get the most out of your poses.

Master the poses for men

You will learn the key to achieving spectacular poses with your male models.

Master the poses for Couple

Achieve incredible results with the best poses we have extracted from our best seller "320 Poses for Couple".

Master the poses for Women

Have you ever run out of ideas on how to pose your models during a photo shoot? Bored of using the same old poses? With this book you will always have the best poses for women.

How will this posing course help you?

The online course "Professional direction of poses for photography" is the complete course on the market.
We cover everything from A to Z and every important aspect of the subject so that at the end of the course, you will be an expert in Posing Direction.

Here are 4 reasons why we guarantee this course will make you a better photographer:

The 20 Rules of Posing

Each one shows you the key to mastering Posing Direction. They are vital to the success of a photo shoot. They are loaded with the tips I've learned from the best photographers throughout my career.

The 15 Points for Pose Management

This is the system I have developed to achieve successful posed photographs. I have taught this system to my students in my online school in Spanish. In fact, more than 79k students can be right to recommend this infallible system.

The 10 most common mistakes in Directing Poses

With these tips, I save you many years of learning as I had compiled the ten most common mistakes I wish someone had taught me when I started in Posing Direction.

The most complete course

This course will change your life and change the way you see the world of posing, all with practical examples that you can apply today.

In this course, I will share my best secrets to direct poses and expressions.

Who is the course for?
Amateur models
Professional models
Photographer Student
The Author


Guti has more than 10 years of experience as a teacher of photography and digital retouching, he has been a professor at the prestigious Monica Herrera School of Communication, an Adobe Certified Expert for Photoshop CC, a brand ambassador for Sony Alpha Latin America, a member of various international photographers associations and has held seminars and workshops in several Latin American countries.







What my client says

Ive been studying this online courses since I started and I’ve got to learn A LOT ! Guti is the best teacher and all his content is 100% worth it. I highly recommend this place to study if You are a beginner or a master because there’s always something new to learn!
Miguel Ángel Jauregui
New York, USA
Definitely the "ESTUDIO GUTI" courses are the best I have bought. My level as a photographer is much better now after having done his course on "Professional Direction of Poses for Photography", his books of poses for women, book of poses for men, book of poses for pregnant women, book of poses for boudoir, etc. I totally recommend the "ESTUDIO GUTI" courses
Diego Alejandro Arévalo Palaci
The best photography school If you are looking a school for learning photography If you are looking for complete and thorough classes Estudio Guti is the place perfect to learn from. He is an amazing teacher and always there to help you.The best photography school If you are looking a school for learning photography If you are looking for complete and thorough classes Estudio Guti is the place perfect to learn from. He is an amazing teacher and always there to help you.
I am a professional photographer and the e-books for poses by EstudioGuti take my photography craft to another level. If you are serious about the art of photography and making your paying clients satisfied, then this is for you.
Francis Paolo Bersola
California, USA
These people are awesome. I placed an order and first I did not receive the free bonus so I contacted them. They were so friendly and welcoming. In 3 minutes, they made me the happiest customer. This is what a customer service should be like.
Julien Kouame
Orlando, USA
The best photography course today I am a novice photographer, however, through Guti's courses I have found work and some consider me the same as the professionals in my area, without a doubt the best investment in my training
Pipo Mayoral
CD, México

Directing Poses from A to Z