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Learn with Guti how to take professional quality photographs of people in all lighting situations with just your camera! It doesn't matter what situation you are in: Golden hour, Blue hour, early morning, shadow, mid-day, cloudy day, against light, indoors... in this course you will learn to solve all types of situations in the most practical way and also How to take advantage of bounce screens.

What you'll learn with this Course

Master Natural Light

Learn to take professional-quality photographs of people in all lighting situations with just your camera, including golden hour, blue hour, early morning, shadow, mid-day, cloudy day, against light, and indoors.

Adapt to Various Lighting Conditions

Understand the behavior of natural light and how to get the most out of it in a variety of situations.

Enhance Your Photos

Improve the dynamic range of your photos using Lightroom or Photoshop, and learn how to use bounce screens in all types of situations to further improve the light.

Speed and Efficiency

Learn to work much faster, solving various problems and challenges instinctively, and take spectacular photographs in light situations where other photographers may struggle.

Universal Knowledge

The lighting principles you learn in this course are applicable regardless of the type of camera you use, whether it's a DSLR, mirrorless, video camera, or even a smartphone.

PDF Guides and Practical Tips

Receive a PDF guide with practical tips for all types of lighting situations, and a guide to "my favorite bounce screens" modifiers, along with a personalized digital diploma upon course completion.

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7+ hours of video lessons and more than 60 practical lessons

The most important element of photography is light, and the most crucial light to master is natural light. With the techniques you'll learn in this course, you can achieve results that other photographers need tons of equipment to solve. By mastering natural light, you'll be able to take stunning photographs in various situations with just your camera.

Comprehensive and Practical Learning

This course will guide you step by step through over 60 practical lessons and 7 hours of content. You'll explore a variety of situations, locations, and lighting conditions, gaining a deep understanding of the behavior of natural light. Learn to make the most of natural light and elevate your photography skills to new heights.

Transform Your Photography Perspective

Upon completing this course, your approach to light and photography will be transformed. You'll be able to capture incredible photographs in lighting conditions that challenge other photographers. The course also includes a life-changing PDF guide and exercise guide to help you practice and learn by doing. Enroll now and see the difference in your work!

Regular price $99.99 USD

NO matter the time of day, the place, cloudy, sunny.... light is always good if you know how to use it.
Once you master natural light...... you will be able to take photographs in all situations and with only your camera...

Course Curriculum: Photography of People in Natural Light

Introduction and Fundamentals

Learn the essential concepts and tools you need to get started with photography, including understanding dynamic range, reading histograms, and more. 14 chapters

The Cycle of the Sun (For Photographs of People in Natural Light)

Explore how different times of day affect natural light and learn to adapt your photography techniques accordingly. 9 chapters

Outdoor Photography Without Anything

Master the art of using natural light in outdoor settings without any additional equipment. 8 chapters

Practical Sessions

Put your knowledge into practice with themed sessions that cover a wide range of photography styles and settings. 7 chapters


Wrap up your learning journey and receive a personalized digital diploma upon course completion. 2 chapters

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Your instructor

Gerardo Gutierrez (Guti)

Guti is an experienced commercial photographer with over 15 years in the industry. He has worked with brands like Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut, and Axe, and has taught photography and digital retouching for over 10 years. Guti is also an Adobe Certified Expert for Photoshop CC and has been a Sony Alpha Latin America brand ambassador.


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What times does the online course operate?

At the time you want! All our courses are pre-recorded so you can take them on your schedule, at your pace, on the device you want! You can even repeat them as many times as you want and access is for life!

What camera do I need?

Whatever you have! All the lighting principles that you will learn with this course are equally valid when you take photos with your Smartphone, semi-professional camera or even the most expensive cameras in the world. What matters most is always the photographer... not the camera!

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Easy, select the currency of your preference, enter your payment method (credit or debit card, and Paypal if you want to pay in dollars) and voila you will have immediate access to the course.

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It is very unlikely that this will happen (we have a satisfaction rate of more than 99.7%), but if that happens, remember that you have 30 days to request your return... just write to us and we will return your money.

Regular price $99.99 USD

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