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The Composition Bible

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Composition is, together with lighting, one of the 2 most important elements for the success of any photograph or video.

  • What is composition and its practical application.
  • Its theory and importance in the various visual media.
  • The different philosophies and currents.
  • The most common mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • The 15 most important laws of composition.
  • How to build stronger images through composition.
  • How to crop your photos using rulers. (Both for Photoshop and Lightroom)
  • Practical examples.
  • How to design visually harmonious photographs.
  • Lots of tips you can apply immediately.
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Composition is, together with lighting, one of the 2 most important elements for the success of any photograph or video.

A good composition visually organizes the elements of the photograph for better reading and greater visual and emotional impact.

A bad composition on the other hand destroys visual reading and can even cause visual discomfort.

This Book starts from the visual theories of the Renaissance (used in painting), but goes even deeper by adding all the modern variations of visual design.

This digital book is designed for still photography but its principles are also applicable to graphic design and video (at the end of the day visual composition is visual composition).

We will cover the fundamentals of composition, the most common mistakes and how to avoid them, the 15 laws of composition and we will also work on many practical examples so that you learn in the best way how to improve the composition in your photographs.

Not only will this book radically improve the quality of your photos, it will also change the way you think about photography.

If you have ever seen photographs that are spectacular but you don’t know WHY, then this book will teach you not only how to identify the reasons why a photograph works, but also how to take photographs that do work.

Who is the digital book The Composition Bible for?

  • Photographers, videographers, and graphic designers who want to enhance their visual art through mastery of composition.
  • Anyone who works or studies visual arts should study composition in depth.
  • For people who have already purchased the book “The Composition Bible” and who want to complement their learning with the book version of the course.


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